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MaxTrader internet service portal crosses country borders and exceeds industry limits in order to facilitate both international and domestic business. Growing interest in the Polish market and international commercial exchange make MaxTrader enjoy increasing popularity with entrepreneurs in Poland and abroad.

MaxTrader support focuses on:

  • establishing lasting contacts between business entities in Poland, Western Europe and Russia,
  • trade offer exchange,
  • promotion of goods and services,
  • supplying vital information which would facilitate business expansion and growth,
  • updating users on trade shows, exhibitions, training opportunities, programmes,
  • advising on conducting business activities in Poland and abroad.

We wish to encourage exports and imports as well as make it easier thanks to the support of our platform. We are here to help, advise, cross borders, break through language barriers and fight stereotypes.

Due to reliable information, customized service portfolio, major concern over each customer and a free option to publish company information in the service, from the very beginning MaxTrader provided a handy tool to small and large companies alike. Having met in our portal many enterprises managed to build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

Just create your business profile and let us present it in front of the widest possible qualified audience.